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Your business relies upon vendors keeping their commitments to deliver services on time and according to the agreed upon specifications. Deviations from the plan frequently cause ripples that inhibit efficiency and effectiveness.

Roadway recognizes the importance of adhering to the expectations of your organization regarding timeliness and specifications. Our depth of experience within the industry reinforces this need to deliver upon what’s promised for every client.


Obtaining cost effective solutions allows your organization to maximize profits while delivering greater value for your customers. Lower prices, when combined with effective execution, helps you achieve this elevated operational status.

Our efficiency combined with effectiveness provides a unique matrix that focuses upon your bottom line. Competitive pricing that also includes exceptional quality is the foundation of the services provided by Roadway to each and every client.


Combining exceptional service with competitive pricing can drive your ability to achieve the profitability metrics your organization strives to experience. Partnering with professional vendors frequently contributes to your ability obtaining this goal.

We focus upon your unique challenges, needs, and goals to deliver a solution that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them. Our ability to consistently achieve this elevated quality is how we help your organization succeed.

What Type of Temporary Fencing / Barriers Do You Require?

Event Fencing

We provide high quality, visually appealing, and effective fencing for large, medium, and small outdoor events. If you need to restrict, refine, or funnel attendee access to any area within your event the team at Roadway will achieve your goals.

Our event fencing is 6 feet tall, isn’t a chain link style fence, and has flat feet that minimize trip hazards to reduce liability concerns. We have multiple options from scrim overlays, sandbags, and exit / access gates.

Construction Fencing

Safe and secure are the resounding principles for fencing around commercial and residential construction projects. But, shouldn’t you be concerned with the perception your fencing conveys to clients, neighbors, and investors?

Roadway believes that chain link style fencing is not only visually unattractive, but also presents a greater security risk due to it’s known design flaw of being easily scaled. We prefer 6 foot high, visually appealing, and unscalable configurations of fencing that protect and preserve your construction site.


Controlling the flow and access of attendees at festivals, parades, races, sporting events, and concerts can usually be achieved utilizing bike rack barricades. These barricades provide an effective deterrent, interlock with one another to form a solid structure, and deliver exceptional value due to their efficient setup process.

Setup and configuration are flexible with rapid deployment / removal, which reduces labor costs and the need for overly extensive planning. Our bike rack barricades enjoy flat footing characteristics which minimize event attendee trip hazard likelihood and ultimately your liability.

Crowd Control

Concerts frequently present a unique challenge for event promoters regarding securing access to the stage by overly exuberant fans who just need to join the band on stage. Limiting stage access from the attendee direction can be achieved using crowd control barriers.

Our crowd control barriers limit access directly to the stage using an “L” shaped structure that leverages the body weight of the crowd to enhance support of the barricade. While the height of the concert barricade is an adequate deterrent, it doesn’t impede the attendee’s view of the talent performing upon the stage.

Where Does Roadway Specialize?

Commercial Construction

Ensuring your location is secure provides multiple advantages including increased liability protection, theft prevention, and access control. Roadway understands these essential needs and delivers upon your wants consistently.

Rapid delivery, effective implementation, and exceptional value are realized by every client Roadway provides temporary commercial construction fencing solutions for across the State of Texas. Contact our team today for customized solutions for your commercial construction fencing project.

Large Events

Protecting attendees from dangerous areas, while limiting your risk, is a simple equation that benefits all parties. Using barriers and fencing that strategically restricts access ensures safety and security effectively and efficiently.

Our team’s event industry experience will provide your organization with insightful and effective placement of barricades, fencing, and crowd control structures for events of any size. We efficiently restrict and control attendee access for their protection and your liability consideration.

Residential Projects

Large scale residential projects require tactical implementation of barrier placement. Reducing theft, access, and liability concern consistently drives our team’s strategy while delivering upon your project’s needs.

Single residential installations or large apartment construction projects are both examples of residential fencing and barrier solutions we provide. Contact our team for a custom consultation regarding your project and how Roadway can help you achieve your security goals.

Want to Know More About Us?

Event Management

Many of the large events occurring within Austin embody all or some aspects delivered by Roadway. Bat Fest, Republic of Texas Biker Rally, Louisiana Swamp Thing & Crawfish Festival, Austin Symphony July 4th Concert & Fireworks, and Komen Race for the Cure are examples.

Our experience regarding musical talent acquisition, stage configuration, registration process, merchandise sales, crowd control, permits, and project management represent capabilities that built Roadway.

Stage Rentals

Promoting many large events has allowed Roadway to gain tactical and strategic knowledge of what, where, when, and how stage selection / architecture should be executed to provide your organization with the most efficient and effective solution.

We provide these services throughout the State of Texas, possess a multitude of stage options, and contribute efficient solutions only learned through extensive understanding of the goals, pitfalls, and process required to achieve your event’s goals.

Fence and Barricade Rentals

Restricting access or minimize risk has been a common challenge for every project we’ve promoted, owned, or participated within. Smart identification of what will / won’t work to restrict and control access to sensitive areas represents Roadway’s Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

Our efficient implementation of the agreed solution combined with our competitive prices result in the achievement of your goals, at a competitive price, and your acquisition of a partner that delivers what, when, and how you need it.

Where Do We Provide Temporary Fences and Barriers?

Don’t Mess With Texas!

Roadway is headquartered in Austin, Texas providing a centralized location for service delivery across every area within the State of Texas.

Our team frequently delivers fencing and barrier rental services to areas within Texas including: Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

Combined with our stage rental services provided by we frequently also service areas within: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

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